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Dad:  Of course Dad likes Fishing!  But, this is Emma's Barbie pole.  It seemed to be the only pole that could catch anything that day!  Dad, Adam, works at Parker Hannifin in Lincoln as a Maintenance Technician.  He loves what he does and that is great!  When he isn't working and busy at home, he prefers to spend his time hunting and fishing.  Last year he really got into Bow hunting and would love to get a BIG BUCK with his bow.  Maybe next year!  I know we would all be so happy for him. 




Mom:  Kristen, works at Office Interiors and Design in Lincoln as an Interior Designer.  So, naturally she likes to put her touch on our house.  If only we had all of the money in the world to make it perfect!  But, we do little by little and someday it will be complete.  She also enjoys scrapbooking, so that she can document all of our family events for the rest of our lives.  She loves to look back at how Emma has grown so much in the past 3 years.  Now, she is going to be even busier making a new album for Baby Kaden, so that we can cherish our memories with him as well!  We are truly blessed with our beautiful children!




 Daughter:  Emma is one crazy girl!  She loves her "under duckies"!!!  Emma loves trips to the park where she is always making daddy give her under duckies (under dog) on the swings.  She has little fear, so we worry that someday she may get hurt...someday?  Haha, she is a walking accident!  Luckily we have only had one injury that warranted a trip in to the doctor and luckily it was an easy fix.  Hopefully that luck remains!  Emma turns 3 this summer on June 28.  Wow, 3 years already!  It's amazing how fast time flies by!  She melts our hearts as she does most that she encounters with her beautiful blue eyes and dimples!



  Son:  Our future HUSKER!!!  Well, maybe he won't be a linebacker, but maybe a quarterback?!?  Kaden was born on Friday, March 13th!  Yes, Friday the 13th!  We are not superstitious...but, Grandpa Ben is.  If he would have known we were in labor he would have been a nervous wreck!  Luckily there were no complications and we had our natural childbirth that we truly wanted.  Of course Kaden spends most of his time eating, sleeping, pooping and crying!  He is starting to give us his first social smiles which melts our hearts.  We can't wait until more of his personality shines through!  He is getting so big!  He was born at 7 lb 13 oz, and is now nearly 10 lbs!!!  He is our little chunky monkey!  Did I mention that I likes to eat?






Dog:  JD has been a member of the family since February 2004.  He is a Norwegian Elkhound who is very well mannered and loves his family.  Especially Emma.  He will let her to just about anything to him.  The Nebraska summer gets a little warm for him, but he sure does love the winter!  Adam wants to cut the walks short in the freezing winters, but JD loves the cold and snow and does his best to drag them out!  We couldn't have asked for a better pet for our family and children! 




 Cat:  Tigger is your typical cat.  LAZY!  Despite his many flaws, we all love him to death (yes, even Adam!  We have caught him in the act before petting him!  BUSTED!)  Tigger does a great job with Emma.  She is always dragging him through the house by his neck and picking him up.  Tigger knows his rank in the house and allows her to do just about anything to him.  Not a lot of cats would let that happen.  Tigger has been in the family since 2001.  Wow 8 years already!  It's hard to believe.



Fish  Jaws has been with us since Spring of 2006.  He used to have a friend in his tank, but Jaws likes to eat.  So, despite the fact that his friend was bigger, that didn't stop Jaws from having a snack or two.  Yes, slightly morbid, but it is his nature.  So, that is how he got his name.  Jaws likes his biweekly snack of goldfish.  Emma loves to watch him eat the little fishies.  We aren't teaching her good things, huh?  Jaws rounds out our family of 4+3 pets!

***UPDATE:  Sadly, jaws has passed away...Emma was so sad.  We hope to one day add another fish friend to our family!

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