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Our latest big news is the addition to our family on Friday, March 13th:  Kaden Benjamin Kloepping.  After 55+ hours of labor by mom, Kaden finally made his way into the world at 2:22 am, via a drug free natural childbirth, The Bradley Method® (Husband Coached Childbirth).  Our sincere gratitude goes out to our Doula, Nicci for all of the support that she gave us during our pregnancy, delivery and post partum period.  She still receives many phone calls from Kristen!  We urge anyone expecting a baby in the area to seek out her help and take her class.  you can find her at Nicci and Nathan Walla AAHCC and learn more about her and her services to the pregnant FAMILY!   


We couldn't be happier with our new family size.  Sister, Emma, is of course in love with her brother and always wants to hold and hug him!

(check out the Daily Happenings for a full birth story)



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